Muthu Nedumaran has close to 4 decades of experience in language based technologies. He began designing typefaces and creating input methods for complex writing systems in the early 80s. His initial work started off by developing bitmapped fonts for dot-matrix and laser printers and assembly language programs that intercepted the keyboard and translated keystrokes to Tamil characters. This changed the entire landscape of Tamil printing in Malaysia and Singapore. This comprehensive solution later became Murasu Anjal.

Muthu’s type design for Indian and Indo-Chinese scripts are now bundled into iOS and macOS, MS Windows and some Android devices. Besides Typography Muthu has also innovated and built fast and efficient input methods for all the languages he works on, in various platforms.

His popular applications include Murasu Anjal, Sellinam, Sangam Keyboards and MobileJawi. Murasu Anjal is the official Tamil input software used by the Ministry of Education in Singapore and is most the most widely used app in Malaysia for Tamil education and publishing. Muthu is the creator of the “Anjal Input Method” which is included in major operating systems like macOS, iOS, iPadOS and Windows 11.

In 2019, Muthu, along with Khasturi Ramalingam created and launched a comprehensive app called Kani and Mani with the aim of helping children learn the Tamil language through stories and games.